For those that made it this far, I’ll provide intimate information.

“Dark Balloons” is one of my favourite composites. How I assess my own work is threefold: the physical and colour compositions must be aesthetically pleasing and sound, and the story must capture and relate the concepts that drive my art practice.

In satisfying these, “Dark Balloons” is flawless, to me. So, why did I ignore it for about 2 years, rediscovering it’s perfection when preparing large prints for exhibition? It comes back to it’s title; so how do I get these odd titles?

All my image titles come from word free association based on notes I make while I work: the difficulties of the creation steps, problems and successes, as well as creative inspiration. There were several photographs of models with balloons, one in particular was moody, unhappy. The concept: chiaroscurro, light from dark, is unusually reversed here, dark from light, and this is a concept I explore in numerous other composites as I find it describes this new century’s intractable problems.